King Gizzard and The Lizard Wizard—initial thoughts


Anybody who knows me will attest that my music tastes are stuck firmly in the past: specifically the late 1970s or in the early 1990s. For some reason, listening to new music has always been kind of difficult for me. However, I am now proud to share with you some recent (for me!) stuff that I’m really getting into: King Gizzard and The Lizard Wizard. Now, I know that they’re not exactly a new band, but they have not been around much more than ten years, which is pretty new by my standards. More importantly, however, is that they are an ongoing concern. In fact, King Gizz fans are excitedly awaiting some kind of new album release right now (mid-August 2020) and have two singles, Honey and Some of Us, out to build up a buzz.

Anyway, I am the proud owner of five KGATLW albums so far and I am going to present my obligatory ranking and initial thoughts about them:

RankTitle (release date)Thoughts
1Flying Microtonal Banana Flying Microtonal Banana (February 2017)My first KGATW album: I love the quarter tones and I’m gradually learning to love the lo-fi aesthetic
2Infest the Rats' Nest Infest the Rats’ Nest (August 2019)KGATLW’s heaviest (and most recent) album; is this what it felt like when Kill ‘Em All or Reign in Blood first came out?
3Polygondwanaland Polygondwanaland (November 2017)Love it—this grows on me on every listen
4Nonagon Infinity Nonagon Infinity (April 2016)Some good songs; unfortunately many of them sound the same to me, right now at least
5Paper Mâché Dream Balloon Paper Mâché Dream Balloon (November 2015)Firstly, it’s papier-mâché… I was a little disappointed with this one: I hope it will grow on me with repeated listening, but I’m not going to force it


King Gizzard and The Lizard Wizard

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