Recording update


Updates 2019-08-14 to add more links etc.

Recording is going well. Lyric writing and recording vocals is still a struggle. However, here’s a provisional track listing for my upcoming EP:

  1. Light the Way
  2. Where’s the Sun?
  3. Don’t Feel the Rain
  4. A World for Me
  5. Lou
  6. Solitude
  7. Catch You Unawares
  8. Psychosomatic

Of course, these are all brand-new songs, so this probably doesn’t mean much to anybody except me. I started writing and recording in July and I hope to have all the songs recorded (including vocals) in demo form by the middle of September. My ultimate plan is to publish the EP, provisionally entitled Psychosomatic, for free via SoundCloud profile.

This will be my first complete solo project (other than individual songs) and will even include some of my singing (horror!). Of course, the full-length album I made with From the Fall is still available for download from Amazon: though this thing is nearly fifteen years old now!



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