Parallel and concurrent programming in Haskell


As organizer of Seattle Area Haskell Users’ Group, I am very excited to announce that Bartosz Milewski will be teaching a course on “Parallel and concurrent programming in Haskell” based on the book of the same name starting on Wednesday April 6th 2016 at Facebook in Seattle.

According to my mellifluous prose:

This experimental lab-style course is intended to provide an engineering-based introduction to Haskell with an emphasis on producing real programs that employ parallelism and concurrency. The ten-session course will provide students with just enough theoretical background in the language to write practical programs. It will be suitable for people who are new to Haskell, but some experience or background in programming in other languages will be assumed. Students will be expected to bring their own laptops with a recent version of the Haskell Platform or equivalent installed.

I have set up a registration page at Eventbrite. We are capping the number of attendees to 20, which I think is a good number for the initial offering of this course.

I have also put together a small event landing page to link to course materials and instructions etc. You should expect the content here to be subject to change and it will no doubt change between now and the start of the class.

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