Welcome 07-ALA01-0017948


And the family keeps on growing!

Top view: 07-ALA01-0017948 top

Side view (complete with Slogger Master RAM Board toggle switch): 07-ALA01-0017948 side)

Bottom view: 07-ALA01-0017948 bottom)

Together with 06-ALA01-0003584: 07-ALA01-0017948 with 06-ALA01-0003584)

Now the family’s complete!

On the downside, I don’t think the composite video to VGA converter is going to cut it. The vertical scaling is off and is going to be difficult to use. I think I’m going to look into how to connect the RGB output to a modern monitor. That is supposed to be the best-quality output anyway.


Acorn Electron

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